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Stripped, Stabbed, And Crucified

by Broken Flesh

Broken Flesh is a four piece death metal band from Oklahoma City, OK that formed in 2004. The band is first and foremost here on this Earth to further the Kingdom of Almighty God through the sacrifice of his only begotten son YESHUA (JESUS).

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Stripped, Stabbed, And Crucified (EP)

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Album Spotlight

To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere by Thrice is in the album spotlight for June. This is their ninth studio album and it was released on May 27, 2016 through Vagrant Records. To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere is Thrice's first release after coming out of a four year hiatus, from mid 2012 to mid 2015, and their first album of original material in five years since 2011's Major/Minor. Most of the band members continued performing music and pursuing other interests during the hiatus, which included moving to new cities or states with their new families.

Indie Spotlight

The Other Side Of Darkness by Decyfer Down is in the indie spotlight for June. This is the band's first release in over two years and was crowd funded through IndieGoGo. This is one of the band's hardest albums to date as they had freedom to write it how they wanted. They released the first single "Nothing More" last November which has already been climbing the charts. "We all have toxins and struggles that we deal with every single day, whether it's a bad relationship or some sort of thing in our lives that is weighing us down and hindering our relationship with God and His ultimate plan for our life," says Decyfer Down guitarist Chris Clonts. "We want nothing more than to sever toxic ties, and to move forward with God."