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by Submersed

Submersed was an alternative rock/metal outfit. The band was formed in the late 90´s in the small town of Stephenville, Texas. The group consisted of vocalist Donald Carpenter, lead guitarist/vocalist Eric Friedman, bassist Kelan Luker, guitarist TJ Davis, and drummer Garrett Whitlock. The band released their debut "In Due Time" on Wind Up Records in September of 2004....

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Immortal Verses

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Album Spotlight

Integral by Forevermore is in the album spotlight for August. This is the band's new concept album (and sophomore release on Solid State Records), tackles Spiral Dynamics through sound, color, and lyric. "Our first album wasn't very cohesive," notes guitarist, Jared Storm. "We love it, but developing it was motivated by passion and impulse; this go-round we wanted to be more computed and intentional." They approached the lyrical content of the album by writing through the lens of an eternal observer. "The lyrics are written through the lens of an immortal man who's lived the course of human history. He's experienced each of the time periods and the values within them, and he conveys spiral dynamics and how it applies to the individual."

Indie Spotlight

Here And Now by Brothers is in the indie spotlight for August. Based out of Louisville, Ohio, Brothers is a four piece alternative rock metalcore group seeking to make a difference in this world. Formally known as "Oh Tear the Veil", this band of brothers is ready for a new beginning and a chance to make a name for themselves creating music they are passionate about, with strong convictions and uncompromising lyrics. "Here And Now" is the first release under their new moniker. The album demonstrates the four brother's love for God and music.