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March's Album Spotlight

Mere Image by Least Of These is in the album spotlight for March. This is the band's first release on Pando Records after coming from independent label Come and Live!. Their two previous works, "More Than Conquerors EP", and full length "Change Will Come", were well received and showed a talent and craftiness rivaling the quality of My Epic. In the time they've been a band, it can certainly be said of the Least Of These that they create music with vision. A vision that is able to elevate the soul, while still being grounded enough to reach the core of humanity.

March's Indie Spotlight

Trilateral by My Ransomed Soul is in the indie spotlight for March. Passion, dedication, and determination are at the heart of Maryland natives My Ransomed Soul. Since its inception in 2007, the band has grown significantly while developing a unique and distinctive sound. After years of touring and various releases, the band has been able to mature not only as musicians but also as individuals. Musically the band has built their foundation on elements of metal and hardcore, while not hesitating to blend influences from various other genres. The bands most recent release, Trilateral, is the pinnacle of the bands progression.