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  • Blind-Sighted
  • by I Prayed For An Afterlife
  • from The Truth Inside
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News And Updates

August's Album Spotlight

Supreme Chaos by War Of Ages is in the album spotlight for August. “Supreme Chaos” is the sixth studio album for War of Ages and this newest album is their most potent yet. On “Supreme Chaos” the band steps into deconstruction territory, approaching the recording process with a structured plan of “writing metal songs, ripping them apart, and adding powerful new elements.” Recorded with Josh Barber at Covenant Studios (Norma Jean, EISM) and mixed by Will Putney (Impending Doom, For Today), it would seem that “Supreme Chaos” got the royal treatment from some of the finest sound engineers in the business.
-Facedown Records

August's Indie Spotlight

Warmonger by Chorder is in the indie spotlight for August. This five song independent release from djent band Chorder;{KOR-der} is a unique and refreshing assault on what seems to be a stagnant metalcore scene. The band uses mid-low based guitar tones and ripping vocals to create a moving alternative worship experience. The album features five war themed tunes that will grind any enemy into submission. This is the second independent release from the Rochester, MN based rockers and do not be suprised if you see these guys signed to a record deal in the near future. Request something from them today and hear for yourself... Chorder is the real deal.