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Sinner Requested

by A Sinner Kissed An Angel

Hello my name is Ronald Parris. I play various instruments and record whenever I can. My favorite stuff that I record gets to you here. I have been playing since 2000 and have been in many failed bands and now I am just making my music available to whoever will listen. Hope you enjoy.

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Album Spotlight

Darkness Divided by Darkness Divided is in the album spotlight for May. Call it divine intervention that DARKNESS DIVIDED came to be the entity it is now. The devout metal quartet return with a renewed energy and superior musical vision with their self-titled sophomore release. According to vocalist Gerard Mora, "This new album itself is split up into three parts - innocence, contradiction, and reaffirmation." He continues, "This album is about the thought process everyone should take to find truth in their lives. If we don't question the things we believe, then we don't really understand why we should believe in them."

Indie Spotlight

Fall Of The Serpent by Gorilla Warfare is in the indie spotlight for May. Released in 2013, the album features warrior themes of strength in both music and artwork, and heavy songs about war and life as a soldier. Gorilla Warfare writes music from the unique perspective of Military Veterans who have experienced first hand the reality of combat on the modern battlefield. They use this material to paint a mental picture of those battles fought and tell stories to remember and honor our fallen comrades.