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July's Album Spotlight

VxV by Wolves At The Gate is in the album spotlight for July. There's something special that happens when just the right people come together at just the right time with a like-minded goal. Such is the case with the rapidly emerging post-hardcore outfit Wolves at the Gate. We aren't trying to appease anybody. says guitarist/vocalist Steve Cobucci, If we never get to play music for a living, this is awesome. When the perfect group of people come together with an idea to create something, something bigger than themselves, something beyond any one of them individually, extraordinary things can happen.

July's Indie Spotlight

Hell On Earth by A Feast For Kings is in the indie spotlight for July. Eric Gentry, the 21 year old vocalist for A Feast For Kings, tragically passed away on May 17th at Gentry's place of work, which is a construction company. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Eric's last recording, Hell On Earth, is a heavy, in your face, audio assault that will leave you whimpering for more. Request AFFK and remember Eric and his family when you say your prayers.

R.I.P. Eric Gentry: 12/14/1992 - 05/17/2014