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October's Album Spotlight

Sonorous by The Scarlet Lie is in the album spotlight for October. The Montana based band's debut release is on Red Cord Records. This album is hard and melodic from start to finish. Although the band members are pretty young, the music is very mature. Metalcore in your face with no intension of slowing down... check them out today. Request something off of Sonorous and see what The Scarlet Lie is all about.

October's Indie Spotlight

Attack by Disciple is in the indie spotlight for October. A year in the making, and with the added freedom of now being independent for the first time since 2003, Disciple's resulting album offers hard, experimental and atmospheric elements with "Dead Militia," "Lion" and "Angels And Demons," as well as gives a nod to long-time Disciple fans with "The Name" and "Radical." According to frontman, Kevin Young; "I wanted to talk about Jesus loudly and without shame, that’s why 'Radical' is the first track and our first single. It sets the tone for what we want people to hear. We talk about Jesus openly at every show. We do an altar call. That is who we are and that is what Disciple is called to do, and we hope that people hear the new music and say 'Yeah, now THAT'S Disciple!"