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August's Album Spotlight

Found In Far Away Places by August Burns Red is in the album spotlight for August. This is the band's seventh studio album. It was released on June 29th via their new label Fearless Records. The album continues the increased use of strings, acoustic guitar, and other various instruments similar to Rescue & Restore. The album also includes a small touch of clean vocals, courtesy of a guest appearance from A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon. He appears for a quick chorus to brighten the melancholic, brooding “Ghosts.” "We wanted to start the record with a bang and this song is a real kick in the mouth," notes guitarist JB Brubaker. "It's fast and heavy while discussing how our planet is being destroyed by the gross misuse of our resources, and the general apathy of the human race when it comes to caring for the Earth."

August's Indie Spotlight

On The Depths Of Depravity by They Will Fall is in the indie spotlight for August. This independent release by Louisiana based metalcore band "They will Fall" is a release you need to ready yourself for! Driven solely on pure aggression, this is a fast-paced, emotive driven and tension building album release. From the get go this is an impactful and attention grabbing album. It is a release predominantly featuring unclean vocals with the addition of clean vocals giving "On The Depths Of Depravity" a full and complex sound. The album represents a struggle between skepticism and surrender, in the midst of chaotic patterns and ambient tones and features the finest aspects of the metalcore genre, paired with an emotional intensity that is unmatched in the remainder of the present-day music industry.