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Nine Lashes

Basic Group Info

GENRE: Active Rock/Christian Rock
LOCATION: Birmingham, AL

Jeremy Dunn - Vocals
Adam Jefferson - Guitar
Jon Jefferson - Guitar
Jared Lankford - Bass
Noah Terrrell - Drums

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Other Interviews

Interview With Jeremy Dunn

By Rick "The Screamer" Lindner 02/06/2012

Rick/Fuel: Thank you for talking with me on behalf of Fuel Radio.

Jeremy/NL: No problem. Thank you for having us.

Rick/Fuel: Your national debut “World We View” is set to be released this month (February 14) via Tooth and Nail Records. Exciting times for the band I am sure.

Jeremy/NL: Oh you have no idea. For me personally, it's the realization of a childhood dream.

Rick/Fuel: Your lead-off single “Anthem of the Lonely” is doing well on this station, currently in the top 5 as well as on our sister station D2S Radio. First, congratulations. Please give us a little insight about the song and your hopes with this as a lead-off track.

Jeremy/NL: Well we really wanted to give an adequate introduction as to who we are and we felt that this was the song to do it. The lyrics are exactly what the title implies: an anthem. A lot of the time, when you choose to follow God, it feels alienating. Not everyone is willing to walk down that road. But we wanted to give all the people going through this an anthem to help them remember that they're not even close to being alone. "Even if you take me on, I'll stand the lonely." No matter what, stand firm and love God.

Rick/Fuel: How about the album as a whole. There are several strong candidates here for additional other singles as well.

Jeremy/NL: The album as a whole wasn't really approached as such: a whole. We really wrote individual songs, but a recurring theme seemed to reveal itself. A lot of the lyrics ended up being about pressing forward, standing firm, and accomplishing what you set out to do.

Rick/Fuel: You also have a guest appearance from Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter and Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch which gives your hard rock flavor an extra punch and additional exposure to their fan bases.

Jeremy/NL: Yeah, I'm not going to lie... that was awesome. Trevor surprised us by actually singing on the record, and then in the studio we were just kind of dreaming out loud about Clark making an appearance. Next thing you know, Aaron's on the phone with the guy.

Rick/Fuel: You even managed to re-record the song “Afterglow” from your previous indie release “Escape” which included multiple songs that received play here as well (“Fly”, “Words of Red”, etc).

Jeremy/NL: Yeah, Trevor really influenced that decision. When he heard our indie record, he said that “Afterglow” was the one that really caught his attention.

Rick/Fuel: The new project was also produced by Aaron Sprinkle (Demon Hunter, Icon For Hire, Kutless). How was the experience working with an established producer such as Aaron and what he brought to the table?

Jeremy/NL: It was great. The guy's a genius when it comes to taking a song to the next level. He makes a regular rock song that you think is finished grow even further into its own identity.

Rick/Fuel: The lyrical content on the effort is very up-lifting and encouraging in nature. What do you hope fans take away from listening to Nine Lashes?

Jeremy/NL: A stronger resolve to live for God.

Rick/Fuel: You are set to go out on tour with some established artists (Red, Thousand Foot Krutch, Manafest, and Kiros) starting in February. Talk about this leg and what will follow.

Jeremy/NL: We'll start out in Minnesota, work our way to the Carolinas, down to Florida, then over to Texas, California, and back over to the Midwest after that. It's going to be awesome!

Rick/Fuel: How about a few of your past tours? Please provide us some of your favorite moments on such tours that included other artists found on this station.

Jeremy/NL: One of the most memorable for me was the last show on The Letter Black tour. It was soooo hot. I started getting dizzy and the mic got really slippery because I was pouring with sweat. But the people were going crazy, getting just as sweaty as I was, so it was really a cool moment.

Rick/Fuel: Who are a few of your favorite artists you are listening to these days?

Jeremy/NL: I've been on a huge Thrice kick for a while.

Rick/Fuel: What 1-2 songs would someone be the most surprised to find out are on your iPod?

Jeremy/NL: Noah has his phone stocked full of blue grass so take your pick (laughs).

Rick/Fuel: Away from music, what do you do for fun and/or to stay busy?

Jeremy/NL: Our latest kick has been the new Star Wars game. We've all been nerding it up on there, lately.

Rick/Fuel: Any involvement in the church outside of the band?

Jeremy/NL: We like to attend every Sunday. We don't get to volunteer as much as we'd like to because time is something we don't have a lot of, but the band has teamed up with a church around here to put together some shows in some of the local high schools. We would do an assembly during the day and invite them back that night where the gospel is shared.

Rick/Fuel: : Anything we didn’t cover you would like to add or a final message for the fans?

Jeremy/NL: We just want to thank our fans for their continued support; we wouldn’t be here without you! Hope to see you on the road! God Bless.